14 May 2007: Ladies' Day at Metro

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Posted by: bonnieh
Mike called me from Metro a little while ago, to tell me he's on the "Women's Specialty" ward. Apparently this is where they placed him because of the sleep apnea issue. He seemed quite happy to be there, too (well, women have always kinda been his speciality....).

He said he loved being home with Bonnie and played his stereo "all night long." He was kind of disappointed because I had planned to bring some visitors to see him in Valley View this Thursday, so that will have to be postponed. He said he might even drive down to Medina to visit, now that he's "on the loose." I sweetened the deal by telling him I have a "Trust Snape" bumper sticker for his car. (like offering candy to a sugar addict....)

They brought him a tray of "real" food (after nothing but a liquid diet since last night) and we hung up so he could eat. He sounded great....his trip home was invigorating and motivating and he's raring to go (and still driving just a little faster than the rest of the world...).

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bonnieg wrote:

Bonnie H.
You had me laughing out loud! Mike in a nutshell - women, Harry Potter, and speed!
Bonnie G.
-- 14 May 2007 21:29:25
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