15 March 2007: Dear Erin...

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This post was written considerably after the indicated date, but Dad wanted this email to show up in the right context. So here it is, right when I received it. Some things to understand before you read this: Noël and I have known each other since kindergarden, and spent K-12 in school together being best friends (except for those few years that we detested each other, but I digress); she therefore knew both of my parents from her frequent visits to my house, the softball teams we were on together, etc.

All of us had a much needed laugh (laugh is an understatement - think laughing so hard you're leaking tears and can't breathe) when I read this to Dad in the hospital room. It was timed perfectly, Dad had me read/forward it to everyone he could think of, and still gushes about it (and I'm writing this post in MAY!). So, without further ado, here is Noël's email:

hi dear,

i am thinking about you and your dad constantly. most of the time it is things like 'i hope his leg stays clean and healthy and does not need too many surgeries' or "i hope he is not in a lot of pain" or 'i wonder where he will go for rehab, wow i bet that will be tough but he will be great at it" and then sometimes i remeber what his legs looked like in shorts at our softball games (kind of bowlegged with big old tree trunk calves) then sometimes it is something random and silly like "wow, now he only can wear half of his shoes". then i thought about how your grandma is always trying to convert him and how this could be her big chance! or how funny if there is an afterlife and your mom is waiting for you guys and she gets a message that mike might be coming, and so she's all excited, but sad for you guys, and then all that shows up is a leg and she's like "dipshit!" and how all your cousins will be so awesome the first time they see him. that is my random collection of thoughts because you always seem to go through things before i figure out what to say about them to make you feel better.

She also had a follow thought the next day:

also i was thinking that your dad can totally go to the front of the line at cedar point now, at least for this summer probably.....
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Matt Clark wrote:

For those that don't know me I used to work with Mike at ICE Industries, but moved to IL to pursue other things... anyways, Mike called me today to wish me a happy new year's and to tell me how much I suck for leaving the company. Sorry Mike lol.... Well since I was taking a stroll down memory lane I decided to check out his website and I came across this entry.... it was one of the first entries almost two years ago, I wasn't even there when it was read to everybody, but it still made me laugh!

Oh and by the way Mike..... Yes your personal trainer is cute.... Thanks for bringing that to my attention AFTER I LEAVE THE STATE OF OHIO!!!!
-- 29 December 2008 12:39:05
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