04 June 2007: Tammy called him a "Goober"

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Posted by: marsha
Well, Bonnie H, I think I've got you beat. Mike took a little slip on my watch this time. He was trying to navigate GiGi's back stairs using his walker and his leg got ahead of his arms and he sat (ever so controlled) on his a--. we were both a little freaked out for a minute because it was obvious that he had an scrape on his stump and it was bleeding...well, after a look see-- with no huge issues, I called Tammy. Her response simply was "that Goober"... She was very comforting, and just explained that we could put a dressing on it and keep our regularly scheduled appointment. The reason for the call was that some of the skin looked bruised. Tammy was not concerned..so, another lesson learned regarding the senstive conditon of that skin. For those of you wondering why he came down the back steps...he thought it would be too hard to walk around on the grass to the pool (he was going to help me replace the skimmer on the pool). Guess he forgot that the screen porch leads directly to the pool...next time he'll take the safer route. Looks like his appopinment with Overload, Jenny's muscle building connection, will takes place tomorrow. An assessment only--his butt needs to rest for 24 hours. This will certainly be an interesting project...TV?, Movies? Money? Fame? Who knows.....it's Mike!

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ruthie wrote:

ewwww...that must have been a bit scary with an actual scrape on his stump!! 'm glad to hear Tammy didn't seem too worried though. That is reassuring.

...hee hee..Tammy called dad a Goober. thats too funny oothy-grin
-- 04 June 2007 18:56:19

bonnie howard wrote:

Yikes!! I know that sick feeling when Mike fell, and this was more serious. I have heard Mike Haaser called A LOT of names, but I believe "Goober" is a first! Glad to hear the damage wasn't too bad, Mike. Good luck on your Overload assessment; Jim and I will be thinking of you! And Marsha, you truly are a shining example of sisterly love (Phyllis too). Mike, you sure won the lottery when it comes to your family! Hope to see you next week when we come home with our three "kids" !! Possible movie title....Goober Gump (??)
-- 04 June 2007 22:58:52
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