22 June 2007: Can't rest on our laurels

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Posted by: mike
Getting back to work yesterday (particularly the great welcome) was, no doubt, a great moment but it is a little shy of mission accomplished. I won't be able to put in a full day until "the stump" does a lot more healing, the still fragile new graft skin matures and medical care gets transferred closer to home. My work stamina will slowly get back to normal as I work toward walking on a shiny new prosthetic leg.

Today I met Pat (the Prosthetist) from Hanger Prosthetics. He will be the point man on the next leg of my recovery. He gave the names of some more than capable local Physiatrists (non-surgical stump doctors). One will get the referral from his Cleveland Metro counterpart to get my medical care transferred to southern Ohio. The local Physiatrists will set me up with a local PT program, then we'll be off and running (figuratively speaking). (How many puns did you find in this paragraph?)

P.S. Bonnie's sister, Jean left for her North Carolina home today. Thank you so much for everything, Jean. We both love and miss you already.

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ruthk wrote:

Congratulations on your journey thus far....!!!! Getting home again, after three plus months...wheww... must feel soo comforting. Bonnie must be sooo happpy to have you back there too...! You make the adjustments seem easy.... it's hard not to jump to the idea that we are still on to do the AT in '09. and then I keep thinkin' you're going to be way ahead of me.... Keep up the good (HARD) work..!!!!
Can't wait to see you both soon in Hatteras!!!
And Yes, Ruthie, I must agree, you do have an amazing family...!!!!
-- 25 June 2007 18:27:48
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