11 January 2008: Speed Bumps

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Posted by: bonnieg
Things are beginning to move a little faster now. Still not fast enough for Mike though! His stump is changing rapidly and already he needs a new liner for proper fit. Too much slippage after a short time of wear and sometimes the slippage can cause some very, ummm, embarrassing sounds! All is being attentively monitored by the Hanger folks and the physical therapists, and Mike is gleefully testing the boundaries.

There have been many new "firsts" lately. Mike greeted me after work by walking out of our office, sans crutches/hiking poles, and with the BIGGEST grin on his face. It was quite a jolt after all these months of seeing him either in the wheelchair, on the crutches or at least having them handy. I'd forgotten how nice a "stand-up" hug can feel! He's practiced navigating the stepladder, a skill needed just to change a light bulb here. He's walking outdoors (with poles or crutches) more and more, and was also happily dancing and groovin' to some music in the living room! He was thrilled when he was able to walk to the fridge, pour a glass of juice and carry it over to the table. It's truly amazing how simple little things have come to mean so much! Life continues to constantly challenge and change for both of us.

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