21 March 2007: Milestones

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Posted by: erin
For his first day in a new hospital, Dad had a bunch of firsts!

First visit to the spray table. They hadn't given him quite enough pain medication first, so he said the pain was off the scale of anything he had ever experienced, ever. But, he was CLEAN afterwards, even his hair was washed.

First time standing up. Yes, he stood up. On one foot. I guess the Nurse asked him to stand up while she was changing the bedding, and he didn't think he was ready to stand up, and she looked at him and said something like "your foot is this close to the floor, and you're telling me you aren't going to stand up?" while holding her fingers about an inch apart. So he did. But not for very long. He was still pleased as punch about it.

He also had his first bowel movement. Now, I'm sure you're all excited to hear about that, but let me tell you that Dad wasn't sure how this first one would go (whenever it did), and was rather worried about it. As it happened, all the usual parts involved did just fine, but geting the bed pan moved around caused a bit of a stir with some arteries in his leg. Everything was patched up, but in the meanwhile, Ruth got to see his leg without any bandages on. I think I'm glad that I wasn't there. She said it looked just like in the anatomy books when they show you what a muscle looks like, "it looked healthy to me.." eeeew!

I'll have to post more about the spray table. It's pretty cool stuff.
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