31 March 2008: Knock on wood

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Posted by: mike
Again I'd like to thank everyone for all the support over the past year. The blog, e-mail, snail mail, and phone responses to the March 11th entry have been fantastic. Hope the 2nd year goes as well. (Now, I'm not superstitious but at this point you can beat the crap out of a log if like.)

As year 2 begins, things are starting to settle into a state of existence some might call normal. There are still a few challenges but the everyday stuff is becoming pretty routine. Bonnie has even hinted that I might consider taking a little more responsibility for household chores. I think that's a real healthy sign. I don't consider my recovery completed just yet and have some significant objectives to achieve before doing so.

Goals for year 2:
o Keep this blog somewhat current and active.
o Take dance lessons and dance with Bonnie at the company 08 Xmas party (left over 1st year goal but not forgotten).
o Get down to 180 lbs (left over 1st year goal, almost forgotten).
o Attend an outdoor concert (maybe, Blossom with some old friends).
o Water skiing (thanks Jen for planting that one). That'll mean spending time at Hess this summer.
o The big one—"Ready" to start another assault on the Appalachian Trail by March 12th 09. The actual starting date could be as much as a month later pending trail and weather conditions. (I have already started training and making good progress—see "read more")

A stroll on the Little Miame Trail.

Routine weekend breakfast

A few thoughts about the AT hike. From a "recovery perspective", I don't feel that it is necessary to repeat all 2200 miles between Springer Mountain and Katahdin like we did in 04. I will consider 2 or 3 months and something in the neighborhood of 1000 miles a complete physical recovery. It took almost 5 years to creating the time window and cash reserves for the 5 month thru hike in 04. I'd love to hike the whole thing again but I'll need a sponsor(s) to pull it off in 09. Time could also be an issue but we"ll cross that bridge when and if we get to it. That said, the recovery goal is ready for a thru hike by March 12th 2009. I've laid out a few minimum milestones:

o Walk 8 miles in less than 3 hours. (fairly level, hiking sticks, close to home)
o Hike the John Bryant (Ohio) State Park river loop trail including the stone stair path in and out of the gorge.
o Ford a river in at least 2 feet of water. Carry the C-leg in a water proof bag on one leg with hiking sticks that can be converted to forearm crutches or wear the C-leg with ultra light weight waders. I'm open to suggestion on this one. I really like the convertible hiking sticks as a back-up exit plan for any number likely glitches.
o Extend the C-leg battery range from 40 hours to 5 days. I'll have to work with Hanger and Otto Bock to solve this one.
o Hike with day packs from Cadillac Mountain to Sand Beach and Sand Beach to Cadillac Mountain (Acadia Nation Park) on two consecutive days (endurance test).
o Three day full pack mountain hike (probably Baxter State Park) before October 08 (Ruth K, aka Maine Dish, suggested the equipment shake down).

Training has strarted:

1 lap around the pond = 1908 ft (Stanley measuring wheel) = .361 miles

03-22-08 - 7 laps = 2.527 mile in 56 minutes (.93333 hrs) = 2.7 mph

70% of my weight is carried on the shelf just above the black straps. A large messy blister (from the 3.5 mph tread mill tune-up) formed where the graft scar crosses (about 2" to the right of garment seam) the top rim of the plastic insert.

Put the socket and liner over the compression garmet to protect the blister. Felt so good I did 7 laps.

Developed a little nickle sized blister at the bottom of the stump.

03-29-08 - 11 laps = 3.971 mile in 85 minutes (1.41666 hrs) = 2.8 mph
No compression garment, no blisters.

Training goal - 8 miles in < 3 hrs (mile stone goal) = 2.666 mph min.
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Jen Kennedy wrote:

Whoah Uncle Mike! Your configurations are giving me flashbacks of sitting at the kitchen table in Perry Hall doing math homework. What was my teachers name?? Mr. Knox? Noel should remember. After all, she used to rave about what a great guy he was! Then there was.. Mrs. Lowe, maybe? Hurry Erin - bust out the old emails, it must be referenced somewhere rin Glad we can look back on it now and laugh. What's even funnier is: I have an eight year old son that won't be able to get away with ANYTHING! Ruthie: Don't worry when the time comes and you need advice, I won't charge by the hour.
-- 01 April 2008 20:07:46

noel wrote:

HA!jenny! how did you remember mr knox. i wouldn't say i raved about him, but he sure made college algebra manageable (my only straight A's in math ever) mr mike i am impressed with your timeline--hey even if you do it in '10 and not '09 that is still in the 'holy cow' recovery range! so have you kicked the old forklift in the mechanical 'nuts' with the C leg yet? photos please if you do.
erin when you guys come here in may we will do a driveby of the old house on forge....you will not recognize cross rd.
-- 06 April 2008 17:31:32

mike wrote:

Noel - Not yet but I'll put it on the list.
And when you do that drive by, send pictures. Maryland seams like another planit its been so long sence I've been there.
-- 07 April 2008 12:40:24
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