04 April 2007: Mike's new quarters

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Posted by: marsha
GiGi and Marsha(that's me) vistied Mike this morning and found Jenny at his side. Ruth had just left for the trip back to Maine--Mike will miss her regular visits. He was trying to get comfortable, but was having a hard time as the "drying" out of his donor sites although successful, was causing a lot of pulling and some pain. It's a little different having to share the room, but I guess the move to the new floor shows that he has reached some significant medical goals.

As we were there, the Resident Physician from the in-patient rehab unit stopped by to talk about his entry into the rehab program. Jenny and I went to the unit to take a look at it and met the recreational therapist, Kevin, who is wheel chair bound from a spinal cord injury. He took us through the unit and showed us some of the activities and pieces of equipment that will be used to allow Mike to move toward recovery.

Mike called later in the day to say he will be going to the O.R. tomorrrow for not only the anticipated dressing changes, but Dr. McDonald has decided to graft the areas (5%) on Mike's leg that did not "take". Mike has been incredibly brave through all of this and he is so apprecaitive of all the support, prayers, visits, etc. that helps him face these challenges.

I will be with Mike after surgery tomorrow and then Erin and Phyllis will arrive around 3:30. This should be the last of the surgeries. We are all hoping that he now begins to regain his strength so his rehab goes smoothly. (mls)

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