06 April 2007: Bragging rights

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Posted by: erin
I (erin) got spend a ton of time with Dad today (Thursday) - I didn't leave the hospital until after 11p. When I got to his new room the first time (a little after 5p), he was in the middle of a bandage change (more on that in a second), and when I went back later (after 7p) he said they'd given him like 6 percocets - he couldn't stop talking.

He asked me to reiterate how sincerely he appreciates everything: the cards, the pictures, the visits, the thoughts, the prayers, everything! He just runs out of words when trying to express his gratitude. He asked me again to make sure everyone knows he says, "Thank you and thank you and thank you."

He said the bandage change went really well. I was outside for a little bit when Dr. McDonald and Tammy (the Nurse Practitioner) were working on the bandages, and they were both really pleased.

That was apparently an understatement. This is Dad's account, bearing in mind that he was under the influence of pain meds (which he has been for most of these entries--he asked me to ask you to bear that in mind when reading all this stuff):

He said Tammy and Dr. McDonald were "like two girls in a cracker jack box" while they were checking over the grafted areas. They removed some staples and were thrilled at how well things were progressing. So thrilled, in fact, that Dr. McDonald called in some peers so they could check it out. Dad said he didn't mind being on display (even though it did hurt while they were rolling him around) because they were saying such morale-boosting things: basically, his skin is healing exceptionally well, and the grafts are textbook-perfect--even in the really tricky areas around the groin.

Between the percocets and the excellent feedback from the bandage changing, Dad was in a stellar good mood (and a chatterbox, as I mentioned earlier). What a great day!

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ruthie wrote:

Yay!! That is very encouraging. I am glad to hear he is in good spirits (even if it is the drugs talking). Give Papa a hug for me!!

-- 06 April 2007 08:22:11
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