11 April 2007: On the spot

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Posted by: erin
Mike says (I'm just the medium):

Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers, cards, everything. I never appreciated how much this stuff meant; but being the one on the critical list and facing this long and challenging rehab, I wanted to share that the positive energy is palpable--I feel like I have the world behind me.

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erin wrote:

Dad talked to Lesley for about 3 hours last night. He was coming down from Morphine and had the "chats". He really appreciated her talking him down, and also thoroughly enjoyed being able to catch up with her.

For those that don't know Lesley, she was a really good friend of my parents while we were in Baltimore.

Thank you, Lesley!
-- 11 April 2007 12:41:08

Lesley Wernsdorfer wrote:

You're quite welcome. It's always such a great pleasure to talk to you guys, especially when it's been, shamefully, years.

That said, it probably sounds absurd for me to say how hard it is not to be there to offer support, so I'm so glad to know Mike has such a terrific support team.

You're all in my thoughts.
-- 11 April 2007 15:30:51

bonnieg wrote:

Just talked to Mike tonight and he said he had a very busy day in OT and PT. He also had a visit from Domino the "therapy dog", a lovable dalmation.

Thank goodness for cell phones! I look forward every day to our short conversations, which range from much needed laughs to our "deep" philosophical discussions. I'm still counting my blessings that Mike is the one I can truly say is one in a billion - and that means there are only 5-6 others in this whole world like him. Hah, hah! Ahhhh, hurry home Mike. I love you.
-- 11 April 2007 20:08:16
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