13 April 2007: first collision...

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Posted by: erin
Janet and I are sitting here in OT, watching Dad put slats of wood on a big square frame with nuts and bolts, and he says, "Did I tell you I got run over yesterday?"

Well, it wasn't so much getting run over as getting run into. One of the new owners of a powered wheelchair lost control and didn't know how to turn it off, and they ran into the back/side of the chair. Apparently, incidents like this are pretty common with new power-chair owners, and it's especially funny when it happens on an outing.. "Did anyone run into anything this time?"

Good thing Dad had his brakes on.

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bonnie howard wrote:

This is one of the many things I realized later I forgot to mention in my tome, I mean post, yesterday. Jenny and I were on either side of Mike's chair when he got "side swiped," and he didn't even flinch but kept working the weight machine he was on. My comment at the time was how nice to know his brakes worked, and that it was a reminder how important those w/c brakes are!!
-- 13 April 2007 17:14:21
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