23 April 2007: Phyllis does the bandages... and SURPRISE!

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Posted by: erin
Talked to Dad on the phone:

Phyllis did the entire bandage change this evening! Dad said it went well-- a few delays looking for some supplies, but no problems with the bandager or the bandagee. I'll let Aunt Phyl comment more.

And holy cow! Guess who stopped into visit: Buzz Riopell!! Dad and Buzz went through ski patrol training together when they were in their early twenties and skied all over the place (literally) together-- east and west, even Tuckermans.

When I was talking to Dad the other day, he actually said, "The only thing that would surprise me more than seeing Sue Rhonemus would be if Buzz walked into the room." Be careful what you wish for, I suppose. oothy-grin

Dad said they had a great visit, and that Buzz sternly reminded him that his skiing days are NOT over. Buzz happens to be certified in teaching people with various types and quantities of prosthetic limbs how to ski.

p.s. Buzz, if I clobbered your name a) it's Dad's fault, and b) tell me how fix it... azz . Dad says 'Hi!' to Nancy.

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erin wrote:

Well, I think I went and figured out how to spell it myself.. Riopelle?

I found a pdf of an interview one "Buzz Riopelle" gave relating to bee-keeping, and I believe that this Buzz does keep bees...

In any case, I think Riopelle has an e on the end, and that's the end of it!
-- 24 April 2007 02:36:11

bonnie howard wrote:

If your name is Buzz you kinda sorta hafta keep bees, and maybe even at one time have been the bee inspector here in "bee country" Medina County, don't you?? (I don't think you're bee inspector still, Buzz??) You got the name spelling right with the "e" on the end, Erin!! I think BuzzR says it all, though!! bwahaha
-- 24 April 2007 06:39:24
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