26 April 2007: Day 1 at the compound!

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Posted by: marsha
Getting adjusted to the flurry of activity, the meds, the meals all slowed things down a bit this morning...we all got through it, but Mike needed to rest a bit after breakfast. Ask Mike if he'll ever try French Vanilla Protein Powder with orange juice again...I think not!!

The eggs were provided by Reinhold and Connie's home grown chickens and cooked by Jim (I wonder if Jane knows he can cook a mean breakfast?)

The Home Care nurse came to check things out and was having a hard time figuring out what she could add to the care...I think Mike will be discharged from home care by next week.

Lunch went pretty well--I want to thank Jim for providing lunch via Romita's pizza--yum, yum. Since Judd picked up the pizza, he was able to stay for a while-- eat lunch and visit some more.

Bonnie Howard came for her regular Thursday visit and as usual, got to help with his mobility exercises...it was great to see her again! She spent a few hours here and we're looking forward to seeing her again next week.

The new shower rails and adjustable shower head worked out better than anticipated...Mike is able to do a lot more if he doesn't have to hold the shower head in his hand. He removed (cut) most of his dressing off himself...progress for sure!!

The dressing went on very well tonight...we're trying to keep the dressing a little lighter and still maintain the moisture needed to assist the healing process...we're getting better at this. The pantyhose idea seemed to be helpful..we'll see if there are any problems by morning.

I think I have given everyone a good idea how things are going--feel free to stop by and/or call. He has a few follow-up appointments scheduled over the next couple of weeks, so call if you're traveling far and need him to be here.....we also have the outing to the dentist which may be interesting and then it's the eye doctor.

Mike loves all the comments--we read them to him daily. He will soon be able to send a note himself. Thanks so much--Marsha
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ruthie wrote:

Well, it sounds like everyone has their hands full and the house if full of the blissful chaos we Haasers have grown to know and love. I can't wait to visit him in his new digs!!!
-- 27 April 2007 11:07:33

noel wrote:

i love that i can picture all of this. aunt marsha, bonnie, (erin and ruthie too) you guys are doing a great job of giving us vivid descriptions of the rehab process in particular....i have a very detailed picture in my mind of what every day involves because you are so good at putting it into words. so thanks you!
mr mike when the ladies let you online, go try http://www.activeamp.org for great resourses on all manner of sporting for all types of amps and http://www.awardprostetics.com for the skiing stuff i told you about....not like you don't have enough to do but i thought i would pre-screen for you to save you the time/effort!
p.s. i am sad to report that we will not get to skip the fronts of all the lines without waiting at ceder point. persons requiring special entrance to the ride have to get passes that give them a return time to the ride, so you still have to wait the elapsed time it would have taken if you got in the regular line...boooo!! but at least with the passes you can eat some snacks or get on the wimpy rides while you are 'waiting in line' for the big ones. again, probably not at the top of your priority list right now, but how about this....you HAVE TO make a point to dress up like Mad Eye Moody for HP7 release night....you know you would make the biggest splash ever, everyone else will be dressed like harry or snape....and you will never have the chance again....this is history we're talking about!
-- 27 April 2007 12:26:21

noel wrote:

-- 27 April 2007 12:29:53

bonnie howard wrote:

You rock !! Your comments always put a smile on my face as well as some LOLing.
-- 27 April 2007 17:43:17
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