28 April 2007: We thought Saturday would be quiet-huh!

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Saturday, I had to go to my PRN job and left Mike with GiGi in charge and Kathy and Becky as back-up. Becky stopped in around 8:30 to see if all was OK...she watched Mike pull the light chain that was attached to the light/fan fixture and called his attention to the fact that the fan seemed to be loose from the ceiling..Mike came our of his room and checked it out as Becky pulled the chain(yarn) and concurred that there was an imminent problem. Before I got home from work at noon, Judd had been summoned and decided that the fan indeed was not stable and so he and Becky made a quick trip to Home Depot....so now Mike has a very secure, state-of-the- art, remote control fan/light....Do you think Rodney can have W/C cover that? (just kidding.. W/C fraud is a serious thing...). Speaking of expenses, I had no idea how expensive a liter of sterile saline is...$9.00.

Kim (Mike's neice) stopped in for a visit, went over some PT exercises and brought some weights to use to strengthen his right leg. She and her girls stayed for lunch and had a nice visit.

We got a surprise visit from Mark (Mike's nephew) and Ronalee as they have a new baby we hadn't met (Jacob Louis)--of course, he is very cute. We had a fun afternoon, then Joel (Becky's husband) manned the grill for hotdogs.

Phyllis and I proceeded to the dressing change ritual (we're down to 1 hour and 15 minutes form 2 hours). Mike is getting a little more independent each day. He, of course, is focused on becoming independent enough to head back to Bonnie, his home and his work...

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