29 April 2007: A field trip today!!

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Posted by: marsha
Mike was looking forward to "do nothing" Sunday. But, it was such a beautiful day, I invited him to take a field trip with me.. We went to the bank, to the gas station (I needed to fill up), and we made a stop at the Valley View Recreation Center to check out the equipment. . As it turns out, he will easily be able to access about 4 pieces of equipment. The equipment is the same that Mike used at Metro, so I was happy about that. The trip went very well: using the chair to descend the stairs; getting in and out of the car; getting into the Rec Center; transferring on the chair for the ride back into the house. I think the rehab staff will be surprised how well he's doing.

Phyllis and Connie will do the dressing tonight as I will be at work..we will try out a "custom" elastic wrap to hold the dressing in place....we are really trying to make this simpler and easier on Mike.

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erin wrote:

I am so excited that Dad is home. Every time I call, though, it always sounds like he's in the middle of chaos.. ink I think my timing must be bad.

I especially like hearing about Dad's "special" PT sessions, like standing up to do the dishes so he isn't sitting for so long. Very creative, I must say, and I'm sure Dad feels better being able to contribute something to those taking care of him!

Love you all!
-- 30 April 2007 10:21:26
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