01 May 2007: A little reunion!

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Posted by: marsha
Mike went to Metro, to the Burn Unit for a dressing change and a visit with Dr. McDonald and her nurse, Tammy. They loved the custom bandage, so that was fun! The grafted areas got a good look over and everyone was very pleased with the healing. There will be some "touch ups" tentatively scheduled for Monday, May 14th. That will most likely involve an overnight stay and the reappearance of the nifty vacuum dressing for a little while. Everyone on the floor certainly was glad to see Mike looking so good. The street clothes seemed to catch their attention as well. The dressings are now reduced to a thin wet dressing with kling and the ace. No more soppy dressings -- that will make life a lot easier!! This morning Mike was involved in a little Occupational Therapy as I had about 200 bills that I printed from work yesterday (my prn job)and they needed to be stuffed into envelopes, so Mike did that for me....a great help! Right now, he's taking a well deserved nap!!

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