03 May 2007: Visitors!

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Posted by: bonnieh
Today was a "visiting" day!! I arrived after lunch to find Mike alone, sitting on the love seat watching "I Claudius." Irma (GiGi) was playing Bridge and Marsha was at work. Shortly after I arrived, in walked Joe Fedorka and Ruth Kennedy!! It was great to see them both. Joe and Mike go way back and told some great stories about their past. They also talked about machines and I had no idea what they were saying! Mike clearly was in his element.

Ruth and Mike talked about the A.T. and it was so nice to see those two interact; what a great friendship they have. It's great to hear that Pop Kennedy is doing good!.

Mike really looked good, his color the best I've seen it, and he was definitely having a good day! He said Rodney had come by before lunch with his laptop and he is now beginning to re-engage his brain work wise.

Eventually, Marsha came home and then Phyllis stopped by and Irma came home from her card game, saying she had won some money (yey, Irma!). Mike decided he'd do his PT exercises later, because he just wanted to visit with his friends. He has an out-patient PT eval next Wednesday which will determine his out patient therapy schedule and what program he'll be following. He also has some touch up skin grafting coming up which shouldn't necessitate more than a night or two back in Metro. He's eager to start driving soon and really looking forward to the PT and going to the Rec Center to work out. Hard to believe the accident was ..... a little over SEVEN weeks ago!!

Every time Mike relives the accident, which he did today, I learn more and shudder more about what a close call he had.

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noel wrote:

did that just say 'driving soon' ? holy cow....mr mike will you have to make any adaptations to your car? i guess no stick shift anymore, unless it is one of those new autostick things like the audis have...
-- 04 May 2007 10:56:42
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