08 May 2007: A glimpse of what's ahead--

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For those of you who know Joe Fedorka, I have to say he has been a gem of friend. He has been in town and has been here every day since last Wednesday to spend time with Mike and and catch up for the years lost. Joe brought his granddaughter, Melissa, with him on Saturday and she played with Mara and Makenna all day!

This week will bring some interesting adventures. Mike is scheduled for his first meeting with Dr. Kelly from Rehab at Metro--now we get the exercises going strong. Whether the workouts are at Metro or at the Valley View Rec Center has yet to be determined. I'm hoping for a combination of both.

Thursday is the long awaited visit to the dentist. Dr. Dean Carmichael is one of the kids that swam with Scott and Judd at the Brooklyn Y years ago1 He is now married to Melissa Mroczynski, who is the daughter of a dear friend of mine, Alyce. Small world!!
I was in Avon helping with the girls today, so Connie took charge of activities. I don't think Connie and Reinhold can add to this blog so I think it's worth noting the expidition they took Mike on today! Connie called and told Mike he needed to \get out and working on using crutches...so, she came and took him to the park so he could practice the crutch walking as Connie tooled behind him with his wheel chair. Tbat was for safety and I think she knew when Mike was tired, he would welcome the ride back to the car (and he did).

Yesterday was fun for me as well. Mike and I went to Sam's club for a shopping spree. It's different shopping with Mike because he didn't really watch the prices so much--he bought what he wanted to eat. Unlike when I go with GiGi and every price has to beat what she can find at Aldi's or Save-a-Lot. We are both enjoying the Mikie experience. Anyway--Sam's was great. Mike got an electric scooter to drive, it had a little basket on the front of it, so he could scoot around and pick up much of what he wanted all by himself..great feeling. The only glitch was when I left him alone at the check-out because I forgot something..shile I was gone he had to put the "stuff" on the counter. He was amazed at how tiring that was and how much strength he still needs to recover...bad for self esteem, good for motivation!

Well..it's dressing change time so I will e signing off for tonight. We have the shower and dressing change operation down to 45 minutes....it's getting easier. The grafting on Monday, should result in a much cleaner dressing from here on. I'm sure you'll be reading about that as it happens....Marsha

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