09 May 2007: On the road again!

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Posted by: marsha
Just a quick note to say how well everything went today! The visit to Dr. Kelly was a little confusing. The intor to him was to highlight the path to a prosthesis...we're a long way from that right now so the info seemed a little premature. Mike was able to "show-off" a little as they had him use crutches--thanks to Connie's coaching the day before--he aced crutch walking (and safety) 101. However, Dr. Kelly is now Mike's "go-to" Doc for meds and therapy issues. With the impending graft "touch-up", any serious rehab is delayed until Dr. McDonald is sure the new graft sites are stable--reasonable and prudent!!

The exciting part of the day was Mike's trip around the block. He was the driver as we were testing the comfort and his right leg's ability to manage the "gas-break" activities. He did great and the Dr. said there was no reason for him not to drive, that's the green light we've been waiting for! So, the trip to Cinci to get his car will happen Saturday!!

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erin wrote:

I'm sure the trip to Cinci will be pretty exciting-- I hope Dad's butt won't hurt too much from 5 hours in the saddle..

Is he going to use his air cushion thing? or is it too thick?
-- 10 May 2007 09:35:57

bonnieg wrote:

Hallelujah! That green light won't get any greener, so have a safe trip here and I'll see you Saturday! And Mike, "I can't wait"! ;-D Love you!
Bonnie G
-- 10 May 2007 14:48:46
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