10 May 2007: Timberrrrrr!!!!

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Posted by: bonnieh
If Mike falls and I'm the only one around to see it, does it count and do I have to blog about it?? Yes, I think I do because we have to be honest here. ha!!

I came over to visit Mike after lunch and we sat around for a while waiting to see if the dentist would call to squeeze him in. Mike had a couple phone calls, one from a former co-worker (Ashraf Suri) who actually hadn't yet heard about his stupid-dent (Mike is sitting here next to me as I type this and this is what he calls it). The other call was from his boss Rodney, where it sounded like Michael came up with a sexy AND elegant solution to a problem at work.

So then we decided it's a gorgeous day outside so let's go out so Mike can walk around on his crutches. It wasn't too bad maneuvering the wheelchair down the stairs since Mike has a system and told me what to do. Then my job was to follow Michael with the wheelchair while he walked, practicing using his crutches (thank you, again, Connie!). Mike walked down the driveway, resting once or twice in a 200-300 ft distance. Then he veered off onto the grass thinking he wanted to get some off road practice (well, this is Michael after all).

He was doing great, heading towards some shade (i.e., BIG tree), when he sort of twisted his crutches in order to turn around. And that's when he sort of lost his balance and pitched forward. And down he went!! (TIMBERRRRR!!) (my titles are always relevant). It was actually a very good fall. Michael's emergency brain turned on, his parachute training kicked in, and he had a nice soft landing.

Michael knew he wasn't hurt, but I wasn't sure what had happened (imagine this.....I'm standing there holding an empty wheelchair and his ass is on the ground (like I said, Michael is sitting here next to me having fun with this!). I dropped the water bottle and ran over to him, but by then he was already skootching on his good cheek so he could comfortably sit up next to the tree.

We considered getting a blanket and pretending we purposely just wanted to have a picnic. But instead Michael decided he wanted to get up. It took him a couple moments to figure out I was not going to be able to help hoist him (no explanation needed there for those who know us). He quickly decided to get his crutches up against the tree and had me hold them against the tree so they wouldn't fall over and he used the crutches to push his butt up against the tree, got his foot on the ground and scooted himself back up the tree. I got the chair in place, and he sat down.

Becky came out to tell us there are hornets nesting in the fence after Michael had wheeled himself over to the fence and used it to stand up against to untwist his pants and make sure he had his phone. Don't worry, nobody got stung, but that would have been perfect. Becky congratulated Uncle Mike on his nice fall and greater recovery. She actually thought he might have done it on purpose. Why didn't we think of that??

We sat on the back screened porch for a while, laughing about the whole thing and then reversed the process of getting back up the stairs. Now we're blogging and hopefully we'll stay out of trouble for a while!!

The cool thing about all of this is that now that Mike has experienced a fall and gotten through it okay, it's no longer a big fear for him. He also obviously will be able to get himself out of any situation, no problem.

Mike's comment after it was all over and he was sitting there drinking water....?? "That was fun!! It'll make a great BLOG entry since things were getting a little boorrring!!"
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bonnieg wrote:

Good grief, Charlie Brown! I had an adrenaline rush while reading this! I'm wide awake now! No more adventures till after I see you Saturday, 'kay?
Bonnie G
-- 10 May 2007 15:58:54

noel wrote:

great job engineering your way out of that one mr mike! i wonder, could you have rolled onto your stomach and gotten up onto your hands and knee? i was just practicing that to see if it was a viable solution, and it is way harder than i gessed without using my other leg...go ahead and picture that!
-- 10 May 2007 17:31:47

mike h wrote:

hi noel, - actually, a slow descent to my knee with a slow forward roll to my hands (your three points) then a roll to the right (good side) was the soft landing bonnie mentioned. First thing I did was a push-up to return to the three points. Couldn't figure out how to get my foot down with anything that resembled stability. Opted to complete the right roll onto my back and scoot (using the crutches for hand holds) butt up a very big and stable tree.
-- 10 May 2007 19:40:59

ruthie wrote:

The mental images accompanying this entry are simply astounding (and yes, a little funny). Thank you to all and your wonderful discriptiveness! Well good to tell the story of your first fall with a chuckle...how's that for relief!!! Have fun in Cinci this weekend!
-- 10 May 2007 21:39:32

marsha wrote:

Bonnie- just thought I'd let you know that I appreciate you witnessing that first fall- something like the first scratch on a new car. Now that that's over and Mike not only survived, but seemed to enjoy the experience, we can all relax a little..see you soon!
-- 15 May 2007 08:31:05
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