12 May 2007: The long awaited "drive" to home...

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Posted by: marsha
Mike and I had been looking forward to Saturday for a little while, now. I have to say the trip there wnet better than I expected. Mike drove 3/4 of the way withlittle trouble. His stump had to do some creative "thumping" to keep from falling asleep, but that didn't slow us down. When we drove up to Mike's house, Bonnie was outside waiting--when she saw the car, she began jumping and clapping and of course--smiling ear to ear--. That alone made it all worth while. Then there was Mike's excitement as he rolled his wheelchair from room to room and found absolutley no problems navigating. He was very pleased that any accommodation needing to be done is pretty much confined to the bathroom. Probably a few hour project for Judd and possibly Jim. Mike wondered if golf at one of the local greens would lure them to town--I'd say, no problem!

So by Sunday, Mike had all the measurements needed to allow him to buy the right fixtures to replace the toilet chair and possibly the shower seat. Mike mentioned that he wanted to have Judd put up a rope in his garage that he could use to get back up should he ever find himself on the ground again....that should be some interesting engineering. I think that came from a "lesson learned" with Bonnie H the other day!

Bonnie had a nice lunch and when I finished the dressing change, around 4pm, I headed back to Cleveland and trusted that Mike would do OK making the trip back on Sunday. Indeed he did just fine! However, a trip that took me 4 hours, took Mike 3 hours and 15 minutes (curious). Anyhow, it is so rewarding to see Mike move so swiftly to an independent state--his mind is already there, his body just has to catch up..

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