16 May 2007: What's a "prickly poop"?

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Posted by: marsha
Warning: If reading about bodily functions is upsetting, you may want to skip this entry.

Well, we women have been dealing with post partum constipation for years. Now, MIke can say he has had experienced a "near birth"...

When the caution on the med says "may cause constipation"--believe it! When Mike told me he felt a little bloated..I told him he needed to "poop". Well, that was an understatement. After the "goldfinger" exploration, I called Phyllis to assist with a project I knew would require more than just me. We approached this problem with all of it's possible consequences just like engineers....when all was said, the only choice was suppository and than wait..Phyllis said she was prepared to "catch it" because we could tell that this was big...Mike as he was reaching a pain level of at least 8, said..you mean "catch shit" and of course the laughter began...I dare say digging out an impaction has never been so humorous to our recollection. Mike was wanting a cork screw--he thought that would help--funny boy! He, with some "goldfinger" assistance, birthed those rocks and ended up being grateful to Phyllis and I for putting him through that. We did remind him that if this happened in the hosptial, the experience would NOT have been so much fun! From experience, that condition does NOT get better with time. What we do know is that if Mike ever goes back into the hospital, we will bring in the stool softeners so he doesn't miss even one dose.

Following the "poop" ordeal, we proceeded to check and change dressings so Mike will look his best for his trip for the initial graft check today...this is where we hope and pray the sites are all healthy and the grafts "take". The minute we have all grafts healing and in place, Mike can get to rehab--full speed ahead (Mikey speed, of course). I'll let you know how the wounds look when we get back!

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noel wrote:

i was wondering when it would get to this, as it was inevitable.....and here's the hilarious answer! yes, that little red pill doesn't look like much, but colace is, in my opinion, the 'medicine of the gods' i've always thought it should be automatically blended with all the narcotic painkillers, maybe that is my million dollar idea?
glad the graft is sticking and your trip home was uneventful, i must admit i was wincing at the idea of the hopping up the stairs while keeping the other leg at 45, but if there is one quality that i know more than a few haasers possess, it is ingenuity
-- 17 May 2007 14:03:53

erin wrote:

As an aside, I called just before this incident. Something happened, and the connection dropped, when I called back, I got an already laughing Aunt Marsha telling me it "would be awhile." I think it was 45 minutes later that Dad called me back, and I could hear both Aunt Phyl and Aunt marsha cracking up in the background!
-- 20 May 2007 20:01:15
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