17 May 2007: All in a day's work!

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Posted by: marsha
Mike had his visit to see Dr. McDonald and Tammy. the dressing change took place on the shower table, so Mike said the cleansing felt pretty good. The painful part was the donor site....it is healing so all is well there. The graft sites (there must be 10 touch ups) look good as well. The graft on the hip that we were concerned about did shift a little, but it looks like what is left may be able to fill in on its own. That sounded pretty good. I must brag a little because Tammy asked if I brought my custom made elastic wrap for the top layer of the dressing. Of course, I did, so the dressing went very quick. Now Mike's activity level can increase a little more. That will get him back to his pre-surgery rehab status. Monday is another follow-up visit for the grafts and if all goes well, full rehab is a go. That's the news we've been waiting for. When rehab gets into full swing, that will keep Mike very busy and he will be tired....can you believe he can hardly wait!!! To follow up the events of last evening---all is well!!

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ruthie wrote:

And brag you should!! Glad to hear all is going well. I can't wait to see everyone this weekend!!
-- 17 May 2007 19:39:45
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