20 May 2007: Mobility?

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Posted by: mike
This is Jenny typing (in "WORD") after Uncle Mike's unsuccessful attempt to post a message left him really pissed. Apparently, he spent too long composing the entry, so when he went to post, it replied with the "timed out error". Tyler and I arrived at 10:30 a.m. to find Mike and Ruthie playing cribbage.

Uncle Mike's mobility has been restricted since the touch-up surgery last Monday. The dry, bulky dressing wants to slip down (exposing the new groin graft) every time there is a hint of movement. He's not allowed to scoot on the slightly damaged left hip graft, and his right leg has a raw donor sight that hurts like hell every time he touches, moves, flexes, bumps, brushes or looks at it. Even when he ignores it, he gets pain spikes that attack his entire body. As a result, he finds a comfortable position in the recliner or bed and stays there. Consequently, his physical conditioning and his stump mobility are regressing. The steps backward have him feeling a little disheartened.

This is Mike back again; Jenny had to take Tyler to his baseball game... The last time I had to deal with a raw donor site, I was comfortably numbed with generous dosages of oxycontin and morphine (Oh well).

Hopefully, this Monday's graft evaluation will yield good news and the donor site will have progressed beyond its most painful stage and allow the rehab program to resume in earnest.


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noel wrote:

hi we are coming to cleveland this weekend (fri-mon)for the same wedding erin and chris are going to in findlay lake NY on sunday, so i will call and try to pick a good time to visit on fri nite or saturday sometime before we head up to peek n peak....is there anything from maryland we can bring you? utz chips? berger cookies? i don't think we could transport live crabs but i could try if you wanted (heh heh)
erin how's this for coincidence, my security letters for this post are ZBT!!
-- 21 May 2007 15:12:06
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