21 May 2007: Been there, done that!

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Posted by: marsha
Looks like we have the "go ahead" from Metro, so Mike can now get back into the rehab routine. The dressing change went well and there did not seem to be any major surprises. The wounds are healing well, thanks to Mike's ability to keep up with the protein supplements and to GiGi for some great nutritional meals. The dressings will be the Domboro's again for it's debridement effect covered by a dry dressing. Again, the biggest challenge will be to keep that dressing in place.

This next week will be quite familiar -- he will need to get back to where he was before the most recent grafting. After he rebounds, the forward progress should move at a rapid pace.

Mike's teeth cleaning appointments have been scheduled -- he needs two one hour appointments--I think they're planning to blast the tartar away!! We're waiting to hear from the Out Patient PT staff at Metro to schedule some visits over the next 2 months.
Mike's beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel...he's talking a lot about how he will transition all of this care to home and of course, the sooner the better.

By the way, the crutch walking will be resume again soon---how about it Bonnie H? Are you ready?

Til next time---Marsha

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bonnie howard wrote:

I'd like nothing better than to follow Mike around while he practices falling, er, I mean walking with his crutches! Unfortunately, my availability isn't looking too good for the next little while. This week I'm going with my Mom to the orthopedic surgeon to discuss a double knee replacement as well as a possible tear to her meniscus. Next Thursday (5/31), I'm hoping to come and spend some time with Mikie (depending on what happens with this meniscus thing....). The first two weeks in June are going to be crazy busy because we move our youngest kid out of his dorm at OSU, then go and spend four days in Athens watching our oldest son and his fiancee graduate, then pack them up and move them back up to Medina, where a moving truck will pick up all their stuff for their move to Madison, Wisconsin. I have a professional seminar on elder abuse I have to attend on Thursday, June 14th; I believe it will train how to spot abuse and not how to inflict it (?). Anyhow, I hope to be there next Thursday and if anyone has some of these other Thursdays free to spend with Mike, apply here..... I hope to be pretty freed up by June 21st (again depending on my Mother and her knees....). I've been faithfully following this blog and the prickly poop incident has given me a new appreciation of my job as a social worker (when things get prickly, we just leave the room). I miss you, Mike!!!
-- 21 May 2007 21:37:24
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