27 May 2007: Catch'n up

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Posted by: mike
It's been 6 days since the last entry on Monday. Phyllis and Marsha have been doing the same daily domeboro (wet, debriding) dressings that we were doing before the touch-up graft. (easy-peasy) Except for washing the middle of my back and drying after, I have been showering and removing the old bandages unassisted.

Tue - GiGi (Great Grandma Haaser) came up with a scarf we use for exercising my stump. When tied to the overhead trapeze it provides up-ward resistance for a variety of routines.

Friday - Erin and Chris dropped in from Poughkeepsie. After gabbing for a bit, we opted for game of Spades. This required clearing and lowering the bandaging table, positioning it over the recliner with me in it, bring three additional chairs, and (last but not least by a good 10 minutes) find usable deck of playing cards with two jokers. First card game since 3/11.

Saturday - Chris and I (with my walker) went to Sam's Club without incident. Did maybe 150 feet (nice exercise) with the walker. We stopped at Walgreens Pharmacy on the way back. The car was parked, in a handicapped space, about as close to the door as we could get (15 feet tops), but the pharmacy counter was as far from the door as it could be (plus side of 250 feet). I was exhausted when I got to the counter to find out we were at wrong pharmacy. I was beyond exhausted with shaky arms, sore ankle, and weak knee (the walker is too much work for this distance) by the time I back to car. When we got back up-stairs to GiGi's Phyllis said, "Why didn't you use the DRIVE THROUGH"? (doyck)

Bonnie Griffith arrived about 2pm for her much-anticipated three-day visit. Noel, Ben and 14-month-old Adam (should have been Atom - small bundle of energy) arrived around 3pm. First time I've seen Adam - he looks like his dad.

Sunday (today) - Quiet day - just hang'n-out with Bonnie G.

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bonnieg wrote:

Monday, Memorial Day: Back home to Maineville for me (Bonnie G). For some reason the trip to Cleveland seemed short but the drive home was longggggg!
Seeing Mike is always wonderful and we enjoyed the visit very much. Mike showed me his workout routine that he is limited to right now, and that will most surely increase again when he gets the green light for more physical therapy. Mike never being one to sit idly, I think he welcomes the change and the challenge. (Already, I?m not sure I could keep up with him. One hundred stomach crunches? Whew!) He is very motivated to move things along! It?s an understatement to say that I have and always will admire this man.

He is just one of those larger-than-life people. Just our Mike. And we all love you! Keep smiling Hon.

Bonnie G
-- 28 May 2007 17:10:23

bonnie howard wrote:

Hey Bonnie!
I think it's some sort of law of physics that says you fly when you are heading towards something desired, and crawl when heading away from it?? Glad to hear you and Mike had a great weekend together.
Hey Mikie!! It looks like I am free this coming Thursday. You want to come to Medina or should I come to Valley View? (maybe I can round up some friends, too...) When is the go ahead for more intense PT due to arrive?
-- 28 May 2007 17:28:47

noel wrote:

hi everyone it was great to see you all again (especially the M girls!thanks for playing!!) and to meet bonnie.....i am rotflol over 'atom' my son, that is hilarious! HA! we had a LLOOOOOONG drive home too, 7 hours on a 5 hr 45 min trip, but we are safe so who cares how long it took.
drive thru pharmacy? that's WAY too easy!
-- 28 May 2007 21:30:02
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