29 May 2007: Forward progress galore!!

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Posted by: marsha
Just got back from the scheduled dressing change appointment. Tammy was thrilled with the healing and the overall look of the stump. After a few oversize bandaids were applied to the remaining unhealed sites, Mike was cut loose! His shower can now be independent (we stopped and bought the back brush he's been requesting). The only dressing is a stockinette (stump sleeve). That will really let the therapist have a good idea of what she can do when the evaluation takes place on Thursday. Phyllis and I will no longer need to apply his dressing, unless the bandaids (DuoDerm) fall off. MIke is also ging to schedule a meeting at a Gym that Jennie arranged. This facility is looking to work with him, get good results and market him as a "success story" for their strength and conditioning program. The end result could be a return trip to the A.T.

Oh yeah--there's more!! The BP pills can be cut in half and gradually discontinued (his pulse in now normal); the ensure and protein powder can be discontinued and used only to supplement as needed. This will facilitate his anticipated dieting program. He has to drop about 30#. We also picked up the tool that allows Mike to pick up things from the floor (mostly after he drops them).

The next thing on Mike's agenda is to schedule some visits with friends...he's driving to them!! Once the rehab appointments are scheduled, he'll begin working on that social calendar...and then, maybe a visit to work. We just keep reminding Mike that pateince is a virtue he needs to embrace for a while.

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Jen Kennedy wrote:

Yay for Uncle Mike!!! I'm so proud of you!
Sorry we missed you on Monday, Tyler had a evening baseball game! I'm meeting with overload fitness personal trainer, Jeff, tomorrow morning. I'll have a better idea when we can get the program started after meeting with him. Did you have a chance to check out the website?
Hope to see you soon, maybe Thursday?

Ruthie AKA Leadfoot: you'll have a present arriving in the mail next week!!
-- 29 May 2007 21:57:54

ruthie wrote:

Holy WOW Gee Whiz!!! That is a whole lot of fantastic news in one little post. I bet just the stump sock with the "oversized bandaids" feels great compared to the thick & heavy bandaging!!! I'm looking forward to the follow up story on the gym deal. Sounds like a really cool opportunity!

I love you dad!! You truly are an inspiration. (I don't care if its corny...its true. So there.)
-- 30 May 2007 13:35:35
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