17 March 2007: Nixed escape attempt

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Vangie was his nurse overnight again. I got a call from her just after we left the 9pm visiting hour Friday night. Everything was lined up for a 5am departure to Cleveland! I got back to the hotel, crammed all my stuff into the suitcase, and made sure I was ready to go. She called again around 3 in the morning, the flight wouldn't be leaving until 8 or 9am at the earliest. I think either she called again around 5am, or I called her - in either case, his BP had dropped and his temp was up, so we weren't going anywhere.

Cardiac chair
We came in for one of the visits today to find Dad wrapping up a 2 hour sit in a cardiac chair. It was pretty impressive to see him sitting, but after an hour and a half of it, he was getting pretty tired. He said that it felt like there was a lot of drainage on the lower left of his back. We left before they moved him back onto the bed. He said the moves back and forth were pretty painful.

Stephanie was his nurse during the day, and she kept him comfortable, but kept him moving. Dad kept saying "Steph is great, but she wears me out." She didn't do anything for him that he could do himself - she made him roll himself over when it was time to change the bedding, etc. He also had a lot of good things to say about Jerri, the nurse in training - he (Jerri) worked well with Steph getting Dad transferred to and from the chair, and I think was working early enough to help Vangie give Dad the best bath yet! (Dad was happy as a clam every time he could pronouce that he felt clean).

I spent hours on the phone trying to sort out some issues that cropped up around the transfer (which could already have happened had everything gone as planned!).

The Roster:
* Chris, Erin
* Bonnie left after 1pm visit
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