18 March 2007: Potato Salad

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I got a call from the surgeon in the middle of the night (which I greatly appreciated) - they found some infected tissue on his lower back that they weren't expecting, and had to take him into the OR to remove it. The doctor did say that removing the infected tissue should allow his blood pressure and temperature to stabilize, and that Dad should feel much better. That call was at about 1:30 in the morning, and I had to wake up again at 4 to take Chris to the airport.

Waiting for the 9am visitation was excruciating - I was so worried, knew it was pointless to worry, and worried some more. Being by myself didn't help things. Bill, whose wife was in the TICU room just around the corner from Dad's, was very supportive, and gave me someone to talk to all morning - the whole thing would have been many times worse without him.

Dad looked tired when I did get in to see him. His color, temperature and blood pressure were all better than yesterday. He improved all day, and I got to bring him dinner for the 5pm visit! You have never seen a person in such ecstasy over potato salad. He knew I was bringing a turkey sandwich, store made, with whole wheat bread that wasn't going to be too dry (he asked explicitly for that), but I improvised and brought him some red potato salad (mayo based with some hard boiled egg in it, too), some green peppers, cucumbers, and cottage cheese with strawberries and peaches. He liked all of it, but he _loved_ the potato salad.

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