19 March 2007: Let's try this transfer thing again..

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After the weekend, we (I, Aunt Marsha, Aunt Phyl, and Dad) thought it would be better if Dad headed to Metro instead of to the clinic. One good reason: Metro has an excellent burn unit, and Dad has an awful lot of missing skin.

After the course change, the transfer ducks started to line up in a neat little row. By 5pm, we were very confident that the transfer would happen on Tuesday. YES! Kim and Lisa were Dad's nurses - they were fun, and did a good job putting up with all of my pestering as I tried to figure out the logistics of this transfer business. Kim had never transferred anyone before, so she was learning right along with me.

Dad felt great all day. He was very energetic and upbeat, and (I think) a little ancy to get the show on the road. He was ready to be with his sisters and his mom.

Rick and BJ both came up from the plant in Grenada to say hello at the 1pm visit. I was off for part of the time talking to someone about getting the transfer arranged. They were both smiling on the way out, so I think the visit went well. You couldn't really help but enjoy Dad's company on that day - he was in a really good mood.

Rodney came to keep me company later in the day. He brought some dinner (I cheated and fed Dad an ice cream sandwich as an appetizer, which Dad thoroughly enjoyed), and chatted as I helped Dad get through a ham sandwich and a different flavor of potato salad. Oh the moaning over potato salad. Totally his new favorite food. I had another phone call (it was one of Chris' uncles), and I went out of the TICU to take it, and apparently, Rodney fed him ice cream! We unfortunately don't have any pictures of the event. I sorely wish I did.

LeFaye was his nurse on Monday night, and she spoiled him with an orange popsicle. Dad also finished the rest of the ham sandwich, and a bunch more potato salad. He ate a ton!

Written 29 March 2007.
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