02 June 2007: Did you know a crutch can operate a clutch? - Part Two

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Posted by: ruthie
I can't speak for all our faithful readers out there, but as soon as I heard this story (after feeling fiercely proud of the ingenuity) I couldn't wait for the pictures! Without further ado...

Mikey-A-Mowin' 1

Mikey-A-Mowin' 2

Mikey-A-Mowin' 3

Mikey-A-Mowin' 4

Mikey-A-Mowin' 5

Mikey-A-Mowin' 6

I have the pleasure of spending the weekend here at the compund. I can hardly believe it, but Dad seems to look better everytime I see him. He has talked very excitedly about his outing to Buzz and Nancy's!! He is truly embracing his independance and loving every bit of it!! I couldn't be happier for him.
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noel wrote:

hey, so how far can you ride on the lawnmower? could you make it to MD? ben and i hate mowing the lawn....just kidding, and congrats on all the good news!

please forgive me if anyone is offended by my frank email to erin that was posted, it has taken on quite the life of it's own but mr mike really seems to like it.....

yes bonnie, we actually paid a lot of attention to our parents even though we all pretended not to!!!! ms kathy was a hard one to shake, as being brought up as junior feminists made us examine every major step of our lives (i never thought i would actually take my husband's name)
hi to lesley w, long time no see! hmmm, 10 years i think....
-- 03 June 2007 19:56:39

Meg wrote:

Great pictures. You look great Mike! And I loved the email you put up from Noel.
-- 04 June 2007 11:16:45
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