02 June 2007: A bunch of firsts

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Thursday, May 31st

Outpatient PT went well today. The stump range of motion is good and I've been cleared, even encouraged, to pursue an accelerated fitness program at a fitness center called Overload. (Thanks Jennifer K. for the connection.) I'll be evaluated by Overload, to see if their program will fit my needs and goals, on Wed the 6th. So, keep that positive energy flowing.

Another first: Did my first solo outing. Visited Buzz and Nancy in Valley City (near Medina), about a 25 minute drive from GiGi's in Valley View. Got there without difficulty and had a great day. The plan was lunch and hangout for couple of hours. When Maine Dish & I walked the AT we ran into some towns were we stayed a lot longer than we planned cause we just kind'a get stuck there. Well... after solving all the problems known to the cosmos, and hobbling down the outside route to the basement to play with Buzz's phenomenal HO train set, two hours became five then we ate dinner (great food all day Nancy). Headed back to mom's (GiGi's) just before 8:00 pm with a huge basket of pre-washed fruit, which has already been devoured. A big thanks from the Haasers!!!!

Friday, June 1st

Still another first: First solo run to PT. Got parked in the outpatient garage, got the wheel chair out of the back of my Outback, made my way thru the parking lot (still no handicapped sticker), up the elevator, and into PT registration with 20 minutes to spare. Had a good session. Went thru the basic stuff with ease, I'm ok to go "HOME" as stump maintenance and therapy schedule permits. We plan to ramp things up next week with a focus on stair steps to get ready for work (the 15 steps to my office at the Deerfield Plant). Rodney - is the railing ready? Getting up and walking on a shiny new prosthetic leg is still a long and probably painful way off, but coming home, getting back on the horse (back to work) and getting a piece of my life back looks to be only a few weeks away.

Phyllis, Marsha, Kathy, Ed, GiGi, and I went to a restaurant (another first again) for a fish fry (walleye). Me, out in public - only dribbled a little food down the front of my shirt - hardly noticable - I was cool.

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Jen Kennedy wrote:

Greetings from Kelley's Island! Glad to hear the good news! I'm excited for the 6th. You'll have to get strong so you join us for a weekend on the Island. Pat Dailey plays every weekend at the Boathouse on Put-in-bay...Interested? Can't wait to see you next Wednesday!!!
-- 02 June 2007 15:00:50
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