01 June 2007: AWOL - not surprising!!

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Posted by: marsha
Thursday was a pretty big deal for Mike. In the morning the Physical Therapist spent an hour doing an assessment of where Mike is and where he wants to be...quickly. As usual the therpist was impressed with his aggressive time line, but agreed that the only thing slowing things down is the status of the grafts that seem to be taking their time healing. All-in-all, is was a good visit and we were able to proceed with schedling 2 visits a week for the next few weeks (of course, we can cancel, if he transitions home before then).

The afternoon was Mike's first solo adventure--He found his way to Valley City to visit with his friends, Buzz and Nancy. Hopefully they will comment about their day with Mike. The interesting part for me was that he said he was just going for lunch and problay stay no more than an hour....I didn't really believe that, but when it got to be 5:30, Mom ca;lled to see if all was OK. Well, he was having a fabulous time and extended his visit through dinner. Never made back to the compound until 9:00 pm or so... All went well!!

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