01 June 2007: The oldies but goodies.

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Posted by: erin
Dad has mentioned the email Noël sent to anyone that would listen, and stated a few times during our visit last weekend (to Noël's embarassment) how wonderful it was, how perfectly it was timed, etc. He also asked that it be posted on this blog on the date it was received (which is back in Memphis when things were still pretty scary). So, here it is.

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bonnie howard wrote:

When I read Noel's e-mail shortly after Mike's accident it provided some MUCH needed levity! In fact, one way I coped with the whole thing was to tell everybody I knew about Mike's accident and THEN forward or paraphrase Noel's e-mail, which seemed to put it all into some sort of crazy perspective. And Noel....you sure did nail the Kathy/Mike relationship!! (we didn't realize you "kids" paid so much attention to the adult relationships around you......)(although the dynamic there was kinda hard to miss, eh ???)
-- 01 June 2007 22:56:11
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