05 June 2007: Kids galore--

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Posted by: marsha
Mike had an enjoyable day as he visited with Gary (nephew) and his boys AJ and David; Laura (niece)and her son Andy and neice Emma (Mike's nephew Steve's daughter); Nancy (niece) and her 3-Jimmie, Jack and Jane; and Becky (niece) and her 3-Mara, Makenna and Maecy. Its' pretty amazing how the kids have all adapted to Mike's one-legged status. They also know that he only has 5 toes. "Stump rides" (only Mike) were on hold because he was given specific instructions to rest and give the stump time to recover from the accidental bruising. The skin seems to have survived the incident without further problems. Tomorrow we will see how the "Overload" visit goes.

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noel wrote:

STUMP RIDES!?!? nice....but glad to hear the work outs have started!
-- 07 June 2007 16:30:56

erin wrote:

The best was watching Dad with the 5 toes thing:

"How many toes does Mara have?" "10" "ok, now how many toes does Makenna have?" "10" "ok, how many toes does GiGi have?" "10" "and how many toes do I have?" "10... no, 5!"

Whichever kid was new to the game would say 10 automatically... lots of giggles.. too funny!
-- 08 June 2007 09:20:03
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