06 June 2007: Overload

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When I arrive at GiGi's at noon, I found Uncle Mike in his usual spot; the recliner banging away on his laptop. To be honest, I was a little worried about a solo trip to Overload, but all went well. I put the backseat down in my SUV to accommodate his chair and walker. I did, however, manage to forget the chair cushion behind. (By the end of the outing, he complained of his tush being sore. The facility was wheel chair friendly, with the exception of uneven cement by the front door. Have no fear; logic-man was able to conquer it...even if he looked like a cartoon character. We arrived with ten minutes to spare: just enough time to fill out a questionnaire. He seemed a little intimidated by the trophies and pictures of the trainers/body builders: "Is that what they do to their clients?" he asked. Hmmm? Expectations a little high, huh? Too funny. Well, we all know Mike is an over achiever!

A few other chuckles while completing the questionnaire:
List injuries or broken bones: "Hey Jen, is a missing leg considered a broken bone?" The man always has to be so technical?

Josh, trainer/owner, went over the equipment with him. Initially, only an assessment would be completed today, but it turned into a work-out. Mike tried three machines today. Josh's only concern: the transition from the chair to the equipment; even provided him with a belt. Needless to say, the belt wasn't needed and Uncle Mike performed beautifully!! He hopped onto the machine, huge smile across his face!! What's next? Almost like a child who climbs on a merry-go-round. No fear!

Overload will also put him on an intense dieting program to help him lose weight. They request a day in between work-outs so the body can rest. (This applies to all clients.) With his calendar booked with Dr. and PT appointments, it may cause a conflict with four day weekends home with Bonnie. Next two sessions will take place next Tuesday and Thursday.

After the grueling work-out, we were starving. We stopped at Bravo on Chagrin Blvd. While the service wasn"t the best, the food hit the spot. Mike had the Chicken Marsala and I had Spaghetti...mmmm!

We returned to GiGi's a little after 4pm. Marsha had to 'touch up' his dressing. I said my good-byes and headed west to pick Tyler up from school.

And Uncle Mike: It was great to spend the day with you. Oh, by the way, when you had asked why I had a grin on my face? I'm in complete "Awe" over your determination, willpower, and strength. I'm so proud of you! Love ya!

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mike wrote:


Had a grreat time yesterday. The "Overload workout was every bit as intense as you said it would be. I think I'll gain a lot from that program.

Thanks again for lunch and ....

Your grateful uncle,
-- 07 June 2007 18:43:00
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