08 June 2007: On the road again!!

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Posted by: marsha
Around 2:00 pm, Mike was anxious to get on the road to begin his 4 day weekend. . Mike and GiGi were left on their own to load all the supplies, duffle bags, boxes, etc. When I arrived home from work, it was just in time to send Mike off to home.... The car was loaded!! We're all excited to see him so close to his "return-to-work (and home)" goal. We're sitting arond now (about 4:30) watching all the weather problems...hopefully he's ahead of all the bad weather...

Watch for Mike's blog about his time at home. I think Rodney (from work) will be getting Mike's condo outfitted with safety rails and any other items to make the transitonto home safe and imminent.

While we are all praying for Mike's speedy recovery, we need to keep Mike's lady in our prayers as well. Bonnie G., in spite of her favorable prognosis, is still in the midst of chemo and facing surgery for breast cancer. They're really having a year!

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Jen Kennedy wrote:

As I read this comment, the song lyrics "on the road again..." come to mind. While at Overload yesterday for MY workout, Josh had mentioned how strong Uncle Mike's right leg is under the circumstances. If you have ever driven in a vehicle w/ Uncle Mike, you know about his lead foot. I remember the 12-14 hour road trips to Hatteras and Maine. Crammed in the backseat between Erin and Ruth (why did I always get stuck in the middle, ladies) - fast asleep, only to hear Aunt Kathy scream: "Michael, slow down!" He would comply, but not for long. Again...I'm finally settled, pillowcase and all, (tee-hee) asleep on Erin or Ruth's shoulder to hear "Michael, knock it off or I'm driving!!"

Such a pleasure to ride in the Howard's car. At least Jim drives the speed limit AND Bonnie Raitt was always on the radio! Bonnie H, everytime I hear "Nick of Time" I think about the drive to Hatteras.

Enjoy your weekend in Cinci Uncle Mike. Big hugs to Bonnie G from Tyler and me.
-- 08 June 2007 21:47:15

mike wrote:

The storms were south of Valley View between Medina and Lodi. I drove thru three, 200 ft visibility, deluge thunder heads, one with light hail. Had to stop for gas - whoever designed cars with a right side gas cap, didn't consider us one legged gimps. Got home about 6:30.

Both Bonnie and I thank you for remembering her in your thoughts and prayers. Dealing with the uncertainties of breast cancer might be emotionally more difficult than what I've experienced.
-- 09 June 2007 20:20:43
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