09 June 2007: Longest jaunt yet

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Posted by: mike
Nothing too exciting today. Learned how to "transition" (that's a rehab word for a mobility change) from the wheel chair to floor and back. That allowed me to rearrange things under the computer desk so that my docking station can be used with the wheelchair. I also had to get down on hands and knee to the install the rail gadget onto the toilet (we bought it for Gigi, we'll get her another one when I get back).

Bonnie G. and I took a 1/3-mile walk around Adena Pond. I was on crutches and she pushed along side the wheel chair just in case, but of course, it wasn't necessary. It's no AT, but it has been the longest walk I've been on during the recovery and really glad Bonnie was there.

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bonnie howard wrote:

Bonnie..... you are definitely in our thoughts. Thank goodness Mike has you and you have Mike. And that you're both tough and you both have a lot of support out here (emotional and otherwise). When things get rough, one thing I know for sure....Mike will be there for you, Bonnie. We're thinking of you.
-- 10 June 2007 17:42:10
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