14 June 2007: More catch'n up

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No news does not necessarily mean no good news. The weekend at home (Maineville) went well as we shift our focus to Bonnie G.'s battle with breast cancer. She came thru her outpatient surgery well, as expected but continues to struggle with the severe emotional trauma. She'll need at least one week (probably a little more) of home recovery aided by her sister; Jean who will be staying with her until Bonnie is feeling better. Thanks again for everything, Jeanie.

Tuesday morning (12th) a few of my co-workers (Mat, Phil, Mike M, Roger, Dave) stopped in to say a quick hello (and swap some CAD files). The additional railing that will allow me to get up the stairs to the engineering office has been installed. Deerfield is ready and I'm getting anxious.

The (now routine) trip from Maineville got me to Valley View on time meet Jenny K and off to the Tuesday evening "Overload" workout. This was actually my first real session - 4 machines that kicked my butt. Making monster strength gains.

Wednesday (13th) - more good news from Dr. McDonald and Tammie. The "stump" is progress as it should but continues to take its own sweet time about it. I'll be seeing Tammie again next Tuesday to be measured for custom crafted shrink garment for the "stump". Our next scheduled appointment will be a few months from now so the goodbyes are getting more emotional. Tammie is a great lady and I'll miss her.

The next stop was Dr. Kelly (artificial limb Dr.). I now have in my possession, a "release" to return to work. Need another week to close up some northern lose ends then I'll be climbing those stairs.

P.S. Let's keep Bonnie in our thoughts, she really needs our love and support right now.

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