15 June 2007: Transition to home continues

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Posted by: mike
Thursday (14th) - The 8:00am PT came really early for me and traffic on I-77 was like pissing putty. Therapist, Joyce is focusing mostly on the flexibility and strength of the stump. Did a little stair work and stopped at 16 steps again due to the 5:00pm "Overload" workout.

Went to "Overload", still a little sore from Tuesday's workout. A little mercy? Not a chance. Trainer, Jeff added more weight and pushed even harder for that deep muscle burn. Got the wheel chair into the car after the workout and had to sit and relax my leg for a minute before I could hop my to the drives seat.

Today (Friday) - PT was at 9:00am and traffic was light (what a difference an hour makes). No "Overload" until next Tuesday, so we went after the stairs with a vengeance. Started the session with 32 steps in sets of 4 (went down the last set 2 at a time just show off). One of the residual effects an extend amount of time in bed and scar shrinkage is a limited range of stump motion in backward direction. My starting range was measured at 1 degree, barely functional is 5 degrees, and after 3 weeks of PT measured the highly functional target of 15 degrees. Finished the session with another 32 steps (did all the down hills two at a time, just to expedite things).
Does it look like I'm ready to go back to work? For those of you, who read this at Deerfield - see ya' next Thursday.

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Meg wrote:

Great work Mike!!
-- 16 June 2007 10:18:42
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