03 July 2007: The "garment" and its' "bits and pieces".

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Posted by: marsha
Mike's appointment at Metro today was to try on the garment that was fashioned just for him. The purpose is to keep gentle pressure on the graft and donor sites to prevent scar tissue formation and to shrink his stump by keeping the fluid from collecting there. Becky took some photos so everyone can see for themselves how much easier it will be for Mike as he will now set aside his dressing supplies and his creative suspenders. Becky tells us that the flash seemed to make the garment "see through" for that visual she thanked her Uncle Mike. Watch for the posting tomorrow. We'll see if the photos are able to be posted without an "x" rating. This "girdle-like" garment goes on fairly easily and provides light constant pressure. Ideally, it should beworn 23 hours per day. It was comical today as Mike complained about the garment--it was warm, the waist band was a little "itchy", it was a little difficult to slide up and down, etc. Most women know exactly what he's talking about. The up side is that the garment was extremely light weight and very supportive. Looks like it will work very well...an overnighter will tell the tale. The stump should appear a little thinner as time passes and we near the time for the prosthesis to be measured and fit. Mike is still at Overload to build up his muscles. His waste and leg sizes are a bit smaller, but the scale isn't moving downward as fast as he would like.

The refreshing thing is that his attitude and outlook is still very positive and his goal to get his life back is more reachable every day. We actually miss him now that he is home more than he is here at the compound. Each week brings the excitement of more healing and more accomplishments. I'm very proud of all he has accomplished in this relatively short period of time.

Here it goes!

Garment front
Garment back
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erin wrote:

WOW! Those pictures say a thousand things.. first and foremost in my mind is, "What would Michaelangelo do with Dad?!" He's a whole new take on David, isn't he?

-- 04 July 2007 10:50:05

mike wrote:

I don't think those pictures will be featured in "Playgirl" next month and its fairly obvious I still have a little weight to lose. I'll be watching my food intake and keep on with "Overload" and other exercises to achieve the 180lb goal (set by the physiologist as functionally ideal for the prosthetic leg process) from my current 205. I'm about as fond of "losing weight" as I am of this girdle, but suppose I"ll just have to get used to both.
-- 04 July 2007 12:14:11

bonnie howard wrote:

I don't know too many guys (especially those approaching age 60) who would look very sexy wearing nothing but that girdle getup!! (ok, maybe Richard Gere??) Hey Mike, you look great and you gotta love the unself-consciousness of those photos posted on this blog for all the world to see. From what I've seen of your courage and tenacity, those last 25 pounds are TOAST !!
-- 04 July 2007 14:44:07

noel wrote:

it's a little bit 'rocky horror' looking i think! just add one giant platform high heel and you're there..... and congrats on getting back to work and your commitment to getting to your goal weight, you will definitely be more in shape than me in about 5 minutes.
-- 04 July 2007 17:44:58
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