10 July 2007: A closer look!

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Posted by: marsha
This is Tuesday and I haven't seen Mike's stump for 5 days. As I'm looking for areas that may need a little more attention, I see what appears to be a staple. After looking closer, I was actually able to identify it as a staple and use the "handy dandy" (Ya think I watch too much Mickey Mouse with the kids?) staple remover. I have to say the graft looks pretty good. Most of the open wounds are closing nicely, some may take a little more time. The most that has to be done now is the xeroform (the yelllow medicated gauze) applied to any open wounds and the tegaderm (the see thru adhesive bandage) to any areas that could use some protection for a few days. Of course, the lotion to all grafted and donor sites helps keep the healing process moving along. The garment saves so much time that Mike still has a hard time judging how much time he needs to get ready for his appointments. What a nice problem to have. I also have noticed that he is so much more independent and hardly needs assistance for anything. It is truly amazing to see his progress and to be able to look forward to all there is to come. The goal of the proshetic leg in place by Oct/Nov is looking more realistic each day. I also let Mike know that when I went to Michigan to watch Zak and Alli swim, I stayed overnight. At bedtime the kids say their prayers and at the end of their routine, Scott and Wendy give them a chance to pray for anything on their mind. It was really cute to hear each of them pray for "Uncle Mike to feel better". Wendy tells me they have been praying for him like that since his accident.

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mike wrote:

The kids saying their prayers got to me a little. (I still choke up easily these days.) Tell Zack, Alli, Ty and Hannah thanks. God must have heard; because I've been feeling and getting better and better every day. Maybe they could put in a word or two for a new leg.
-- 21 July 2007 18:04:52
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