13 August 2007: another great Haaserpalooza

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Posted by: mike
Everyone seemed to have a good time at Haaserpalooza. We missed Tyler, Bonnie, Walker, Tasha and Rick. Hope they make it next year. The foot paddle contraption that replaces one leg of my walker worked fine, so I managed get in few games of corn-hole and hillbilly golf. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn but I wasn't much better with two legs.

Joe and Pat Fedorka and Bonnie and Jim Howard made it. It is always a pleasure hanging out with old friends. Hope I didn't peter-out too soon. My butt was really dragging by Saturday evening. That was a lot more late to bed, early to rise, up the stairs, down the stairs, sunshine, beer drinking and game playing than I am used to. I also ate way too much food, but I was pleasantly surprised to weight in at 198.5 this morning (only a 2.5 lb. gain). Not bad considering how much I ate.

Time to start getting ready for Hatteras!

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bonnie howard wrote:

We couldn't stay very long, but I'm really glad we got to see most of the Haaser clan! I never saw that many little kids (Irma has 29 great grandchildren so far???) in one place that wasn't a day care/school!! The neat thing is that these are the happiest kids you'd find anywhere. I'm sorry Bonnie wasn't there and that we missed Tasha and Walker (Kevin is one of our faves since we spent several vacations with him at Hatteras when he was....16, 17??? He claimed he will be 30 soon, no way!). I've known the Haaser family since the mid 1970's and I will never keep you all straight! It really was great to see everybody and I know everybody was glad they had Mike with them at this year's Haaserpalooza. Loved seeing Erin, Chris, Ruthie and Dave!!!!
-- 14 August 2007 17:53:18

erin wrote:

We answered this definitively by counting the great-grandkids' names on this year's T-shirts.. there are 32.

And it WAS a blast. We hope to get some pictures.. ink
-- 14 August 2007 17:57:15

erin wrote:

Oh, and I was corrected. The number is 30. ink The T-shirts included some kids that fit into the Haaser clan without being Grandma's descendants.
-- 21 August 2007 09:56:35
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