20 August 2007: Sand Paddles

Category: General
Posted by: bonnieg

Mike, being the brilliant engineer that he is, has come up with sand
adaptors for the forearm crutch tips. And with the soft tips intact, there won't be any slipping on hard, slick flooring either. These should prevent him from
sinking down to Middle Earth in the Hatteras sands. Yeee-ha!
Hatteras, here we come!

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bonnie wrote:

Ingenious, Mike! Hope you all have a great time at Hatteras!! (and watch the undertoad.....)
-- 27 August 2007 07:24:08

noel wrote:

hee hee, what won't you think of next---how about suction cups so you can climb up the walls? hope you had a BLAST at the beach i am sick that i couldn't go last minute...oh well...
-- 27 August 2007 17:04:30
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