20 October 2007: Staples and coincidences

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Posted by: bonnieg
Mike had a staple working its way out this morning. He asked me to help him get it out, and I'm sorry to say that I was very squeamish about it. (A nurse I'm not!) After a few attempts on my part, he managed to finish the job himself. I expected an inch-long staple to pop out and was surprised that it was about the size of a regular staple. Hope this isn't a frequent occurance!

This morning Mike met a woman while hiking and she saw him navigating a challenging hill of dirt (this in addition to his walk on the Little Miami Bike Trail and uphill climb home). She came up to him very excitedly and wanted to know how old he is.

They struck up a conversation and she told Mike that she is a personal trainer herself and that her father-in-law just lost his leg October 1st. She was most impressed with Mike's superb condition and suggested that he be an inspirational speaker. He gave her his phone number but forgot to give her the blog URL. Anyway, it was quite a coincidence.

It won't be long now 'til he gets the C leg. Carly Simon's "Anticipation" should be his theme song! Will we get to boogie at the company Xmas dance? Stay tuned.

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