26 November 2007: Ho, it was just yesterday.

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Posted by: mike
Sunday- It seems like my last entry was just yesterday. Ho, it was just yesterday. Things started with last night's shower, when I found two painful little bumps on my graft near the hip bone. They looked like pimples ready to burst. I poked them with a needle and dark red (almost maroon) blood squirted out. The pain subsided immediately. The bleeding stopped and we (got a little help from Bonnie) dressed the spots with tegaderm (a clear cellophane bandage).

Monday- Woke about 4am to find blood oozing thru my compression garment. The bed was a bit of mess. We cleaned it up (got a lot of help from Bonnie). Put on an ABD pad and a clean compression garment and went back to sleep. Got up again at 6am, went to PT and told Emily that I sprang a leak. She marched my butt across the hall where I met Dr. Adkin and his wound care team. He diagnosed it as a hematoma deep in the muscle tissue that had possibly been there a couple of months or more. (see June 4th - She called him a "gubber") He lanced it and coaxed out more until there was clear fluid, then pronounced it "better out than in, keep it clean and it'll be fine". Finished PT and while heading for Overload (Columbus) at 11:00am I got the call from Pat (Prosthetist) to come in for the 2nd casting at 2:00pm in Fairfield. The casting went well - no camera this time. (There's that "dam" again!) Home by 6:00 and flopped. Off on my first working road trip to Mississippi tomarrow. Hope all goes well.

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ruthie wrote:

Good luck on the Road! Tell Rodney and all in Grenada I said hello!!
-- 26 November 2007 20:11:18

noel wrote:

eeeeeywwww! gross! thanks for upping the gore quotient of the blog again, it was starting to get a litle tame with all the exercise talk all the time..but seriously, what the heck? that is the world's oldest hematoma i ever heard of..wow....i am recovering from a surprise appendectomy on wednesday, so am getting a little better understanding of the 'will you people all just discharge me and let me get on with my life" syndrome....thanks for the update, i am so bored, i have been off work for a week already and have another 10 days to go.
-- 02 December 2007 20:53:36
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