03 December 2007: The things you remember...

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Posted by: erin
Or perhaps, "the things that make you remember"...

This morning, I was getting dressed (always a good thing to do before going to work), and I pulled out of the dresser drawer a plain lime green T-shirt (Haynes, if you must know). I'm wearing it under my sweater, and on top of that wearing my black vest (I'm perpetually cold as soon as the calendar says November). Now why, you ask, would I be posting something on this blog about my clothing du jour? Well, two of the pieces I'm currently wearing (not the sweater) were part of the "Memphis wardrobe". The T-shirt was bought there, in fact. And it's strange, to pull the T-shirt out of the drawer, and remember that time with a smile... a smile?! Yes, a smile! It has been over 6 months, Dad is fine, and the people in the TICU were really really fabulous, and I got to feed my Dad a mushy turkey sandwich and potato salad.

I've also recently had to visit a doctor's office around here, which happens to be on the 3rd floor of a hospital-type building. I step into the elevator, push the button, and suddenly think to myself, "how much time have I spent in elevators this year?" Dad was on the first floor in the TICU in Memphis.. but that horrid Critical Care Waiting room was.. on the somethingth floor (Something is wrong with the brain-- I can't remember. Here is where Mom would have scrawled "brain damage" in between the lines were this hand-written). He was on the 5th floor in the burn unit at Metro, the 11th(?) floor of the tower while wearing the vacuum bandage, and then on the 7th floor for Acute rehab. That's a lot of time spent in elevators...

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mike wrote:

TICU seems like a lifetime ago. I still remember Vangie, visiters, the sealing of my hospital room, potato salad, giant cahoonas and the flight to Cleveland. Almost everything else is in the rapidly fading into the "morphene room". I do remember how nice and compitant the doctors and nurses were but I can't remember their faces very well. We've come a long way.
-- 05 December 2007 01:46:49
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