30 January 2008: On the Slopes with the "Three Trackers"

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Posted by: ruthie
I enjoyed a lovely little Haaser/Kennedy reunion at the compound this weekend as Erin, Dad and myself came to Cleveland for a brief visit. Saturday Jenny, Tyler and a friend came out for an afternoon visit, which was followed by several games of spades and pinochle with G.G. as well as time spent visiting with the Fam. On Sunday Dad and Jenny ventured out to the slopes of Brandywine for Mike's first trip out with an adaptive skiing group known as the Three Trackers of Ohio. As a bonus he also met up with his old ski buddy Buzz! Jenny and Dad can chime in with the particulars, but as I understand, the day was a success! Thanks Three Trackers!!

Mike and Jenny

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mike wrote:

Thank you Ruth for the blog entry, Erin for the bolg, and Jenny for being my "ski buddy" sunday. I love the three of you more than I can express.

It was a nice Valley View visit - glad to see GiGi feeling better.

Skiing did go very well. I wasn't crussing down slopes, dodging dynamic organic obsticles (slow beginner) with my costomary confidence but jioned their ranks instead.
-- 30 January 2008 22:10:29

noel wrote:

wow! that looked so fun! i wonder if they would make fun of a two leggged person using the tracker poles, as it has been a few years and i could use all the help i can get! congrats on your latest adventure! glad you all had a nice visit too.....
-- 31 January 2008 00:28:52
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