27 May 2008: Docks and Shore Stations

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Thursday, May 1st - Prosthetists (Hanger/Montgomery)
The second test socket was a lot closer but too loose this time.

Friday, May 2nd - Overload Fitness (Columbus)

Monday, May 5th - PT (Drake Center)
Emily shares my frustration with the socket fit issues. We really can't push anything new and challenging for the moment.
I saw Dr. No (physiologist and my doctor of record) for my quarterly follow-up. He expressed a minor concern about the front interior chronic sore and my blood pressure is slightly high. He still thinks my progress is "w-a-y ahead of the most optimistic recovery expectations".

Wednesday, May 7th - Overload Fitness (Columbus)

Thursday, May 8th - Prosthetists (Hanger/Montgomery)
The test socket fit pretty well this time. Just needs a little fine tuning. Paul wants a viable test socket ready for the evaluation with Kevin Carroll on the 19th. Aware that I am becoming impatient because my socket is blocking progress on the 2nd year goals, he explained that he does not want to make the costly finished socket until after the evaluation. Kevin is Hanger's most knowledgeable lower extremity expert and is ranked among the most accomplished prosthetists in the world. Paul also loaned me a low end, dunkable, stiff knee (sea)-leg for putting in the Hess Lake docks. Why do they call a microprocessor leg that will short-out if immersed in water, a C-leg? What's with that?

Monday, May 12th - Overload Fitness (Columbus)

Thursday, May 15th - Prosthetists (Hanger/Montgomery)
The test socket is ready pending the evaluation with Kevin Carroll. Paul re-enforced the importance of this evaluation given my very unique grafted limb, rapid volume changes, extraordinary (high profile) progress in spite of all, and extremely ambitious hiking goals. We made some adjustments on the dunkable loaner so I can walk in my waders. The stiff leg is very unforgiving (could barely move without falling before the adjustments) and makes me appreciate the C-leg's micro-processor "Cadillac ride".

Saturday, May 17th - Ruthie's baby shower
I know this has nothing to do with recovery (except for the "grandpa is my hero" outfit from Bonnie H.). We don't know the gender yet. My official guess is boy. Click the little "add comment" icon at the top of this entry and let us know your guess.
Ruthie's Shower

Friday, May 19th - Prosthetists (Hanger/Wellington)
Paul introduced me to Kevin in the lobby and it was obvious that the evaluation was already in progress as I stood to shake hands. He directed me to the evaluation room at the end of a long hall and insisted I lead the way. I could hear his Irish accent say, "Watch him walk, would you" and "look at the length of that gate". Once in the room, we reviewed my progress, the photos of the 5 and 6 mile train lap rigging, and my goals. I removed my socket and he did a lengthy and very thorough, hands-on examination of my stump and its musculature. He complimented Paul on the fine job he did on the test socket follow by a "but this won't work for this guy". Kevin has recommended a system that will use a tight fitting "Ossur Seal-in" liner designed for BKAs (generally shorter stumps) that has lower seal rings and padded bicycle shorts (similar to the shrink garment arrangement used on the 2.9mph, 6 mile walk). On the up side, we have an aggressive plan that might get me on the trail. On the down side, I'll have to be recast around the new suspension system. Both Paul and Kevin promised to pull all the stops to expedite the new socket.

Tuesday, May 20th - PT (Drake Center)
Again, couldn't do much with Emily so we decided to cancel future sessions until I get the new socket.

Wednesday, May 21st - Prosthetists (Hanger/Wellington)
I bought the smallest pair of bike shorts I could get into. My right leg was very tight and the left residual limb was loose. Customizing high end bike shorts for a functional fit will be expensive, time consuming, and cumbersome in the long run. I suggested we use the compression garments. They are custom made to be snug on both legs and I already own 5 pair (the oldest has the stump cap removed). Paul decided not to cast without feedback from Kevin (he was concerned about adequate padding). He made a next day appointment and told me to bring the bike shorts and the compression garment with the missing stump cap.

Thursday, May 22nd - Prosthetists (Hanger/Montgomery)
Paul and Kevin managed to get things resolved via email. We cast for the new test socket using the "seal-in" liner and compression garment.

Friday, May 23nd - docks and jet ski shore station
Finally got a chance to try out the loaner peg leg (with the stiff knee and foot). The 4 section dock and jet ski shore station went in unassisted. (click "read more"for photos)

Saturday May 24nd - pontoon shore station
Got some help from friend and neighbor Jim. (click "read more"for photos

May 23rd
drop zip off pant leg

remove c-leg

mount loaner already in waders (cable latch allows knee bend for installation - leg locks when straight)

slide 1st section to water

slide innertube under and float into position

repeat 2nd section

off shore breeze almost took the tube - add tether for sections 3 & 4

pull jet station into water

position at proper depth

expose knee bracket

manually unlock knee, bend, and remove

install c-leg

BOT-A-BING BOT-A-BOOM docks are in

May 24th

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ruthie wrote:

So so soooooo happy to see Papa Bear romping at the Lake like the good 'ole days!! I assume we can thank Bonnie for the awesome photo play-by-play...great pics!

BTW, for what its worth... mommy thinks boy (however I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime) and daddy thinks girl.
-- 27 May 2008 20:59:18

Jen Kennedy wrote:

Remarkable blog...
Love the pictures. I surmise Bonnie was on the other end??

P.S. Adding the C-Leg to the list of "toys" on Hess Lake.
-- 27 May 2008 21:19:06

bonnieg wrote:

Just an additional note: Mike loaded up the car for our trip to Hess Lake (including the old glass top dining room set - with the table base on top of the car looking strangely like a silver crown going down the highway), but forgot to bring the tool needed for switching his "sea leg, C leg". Fortunately I'd thought to bring the allen wrenches that came with the dining set and they fit the leg socket perfectly. And off he went!

My guess is that Mike will be the proud Grandpa of a beautiful baby girl! I'll even guess a date - June 29th.
-- 28 May 2008 07:33:39

Matt Clark wrote:

Yep it's about time you started doing some work Mike.... the one year grace period is over. So are you done messing around with the lake house yet.... I'd like to go up there sometime before I'm too old to enjoy it! Lol

My guess is a girl.... When I have children (many years from now) I want at least one of them to be a girl. And I'm going to guess she's going to be an Independence baby..... July 4 is my guess.
-- 28 May 2008 11:54:58

erin wrote:


My baby sister's baby will be an "Independence baby" regardless of the actual date she's (I _suppose_ it could be a he) born-- kind of goes with the turf, I think. Can you imagine Ruthie with a milktoast (http://dictionary.reference...) child? I can't!
-- 28 May 2008 13:01:51

mike wrote:

Who changed the Ruthie's shower picture? This one is better. I had a picture of the same outfit but it also had the back aunt Kathy's head, so I couldn't use it.
-- 28 May 2008 20:12:21

bonniehoward wrote:

I did a double take when I started looking at the photos of Mike at (in!) Hess Lake! Wow!!
Jim and I both think Ruthie and Dave will be having a little boy, but a little girl is our second choice, grin. (and I can give lots of advice for boys, but not so much for girls, - i.e. what does a peacenik do when your little boy chews his peanut butter sandwich into the shape of a gun? remember those days, Mike? can baby boys wear pink ruffles? ha!) And hey, why not have little baby Wertz on Jim's birthday - I say July 6th! One thing for sure....this kid's gonna be cute! (look at the parents and grandparents....)
-- 29 May 2008 08:03:06

noel wrote:

good times all around! great pics! i love how 'in sequence' the pictures were, like the leg actually came with the dock kit (get your free aka leg with purchase of the 4 section pier!) ruthie you look sooooo cute and i don't guess very well but i will guess girl so that your sister doesn't hurt me.
bonnie, really, a pb&j gun?
happy summer to everyone! we will be in cleveland this weekend for a wedding....
-- 29 May 2008 16:38:37

mike wrote:

Noel - it's the other way around, buy a "C-leg" and a "sea-leg" and they're more than happy to throw in a hex wrench, a sea wall and a few sections of dock.
-- 29 May 2008 19:34:24

Jen Kennedy wrote:

I had to dig Tyler's magic 8-ball out of the bottom of the toybox before I could give my answer...

Drum roll please....

My prediction exactly: A GIRL!!!

We'll need another (pssst I said ANOTHER) female president in the future.

"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers"
-- 29 May 2008 21:48:10

Phyllis Haaser-Zetts wrote:

Congrats on the dock installations! WOW!!
And I think Ruth has a girl on the way. But either way I am hoping for healthy.
Great update and lots of luck fo accomplishing your goals.
Love you,
-- 30 May 2008 09:36:24

Louie wrote:

Hey mike, i love the blog and it is awesome to see you up and at it. I am going to call the Pearl Izumi guy on monday for you.
-Louie from the bike shop oothy-grin
-- 20 June 2008 21:47:11
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