29 July 2008: Noel's request - another goal DONE

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Posted by: mike
Monday, 7/21 - Hanger
Tried on a test socket equipped with mounting hardware this time. The vertical profile was near perfect and the depth was intentionally too deep. After pacing the casting room for a while and a few load rim refinements to create a "boney lock" (essential to the clocking stability that has eluded the current temporary socket), Paul filled the bottom of the socket with some goop that looked like tapioca pudding. I inserted my stump covered with the seal in liner until the goop solidified which created an accurate depth cast. The finished carbon fiber socket will be finished in a couple of weeks.
Paul also observed the start of some blisters at an impression line caused by the use of a silicone tubular filler. He gave me a thin urethane liner to eliminate the impression line.

7/22 thru 24 - Mississippi - "one more goal complete".
Went on another engineering trip to Grenada. Walking around the large stamping plant is always a good work-out with long days and lots of miles. And of course - the "nemesis"

Monday, 7/28—
The blisters that started a week ago finally bloomed into a bit of a bloody mess. Gave the stump the day off.

Goals for year 2:
o Get down to 180 lbs (202 lbs 4-17).
o Attend an outdoor concert (maybe, Blossom with some old friends).
o Water skiing (thanks Jen for planting that one). That'll mean spending time at Hess this summer.
o Get a photo of me kicking the "the fork lift" (aka "tow motor" aka "nemesis"). (Noel's request). -COMPLETE-
o Take dance lessons and dance with Bonnie at the company Xmas party (left over 1st year goal but not forgotten).
o "Ready" to start an Appalachian Trail thru hike by March 12th 09.—Milestones:
o Walk 8 miles in less than 3 hours. -COMPLETE-
o John Bryant State Park - hike the river loop trail . -COMPLETE-
o Ford a river in at least 2 feet of water.
o Extend the C-leg battery range from 40 hours to 5 days. -COMPLETE- 8/2/08
o Hike with day packs from Cadillac Mountain to Sand Beach and Sand Beach to Cadillac Mountain (Acadia Nation Park) on two consecutive days (endurance test).
o Three day full pack mountain hike (probably Baxter State Park) before October 08 (equipment shake down).

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noel wrote:

WOO HOO!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! thanks for a good laugh and indulging my silly request. i kind of wondered what the tow motor looked like....

also i wonder why there couldn't be some sort of gel (or tapioca like you described) substrate to help cushion the stump against the socket, sort of like denture cream or silly putty, but for a limb to prevent rubbing, like a synovial fluid would protect a joint. that makes sense to me but i am a physical therapy drop out and so am probably wrong.
-- 30 July 2008 18:46:44

mike wrote:

Noel - You've been adding levity to this mess I got myself into since the march 15, 07 entry. I really can't thank you enough.

There are lots of cushion materials. My liner has a about a 12mm very soft rubber bottom that smoothly thins to the 6mm side wall. (see the May 27th entry)
-- 31 July 2008 13:46:03
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